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Socrates believed that if enough questions were asked, truth would be discovered.


META is a collaboration by two artists who have made careers of truth seeking via seemingly incongruent method, process, and practice.


Leslie Alfin explores the internet following data paths tracing the devolution of original contexts to the deepest meta-levels where meaning is obscured and truth becomes ambiguous. The data collected is ultimately re-materialized as metaphorical constructed environments that neither confirm nor deny the validity of her findings.


Karen Dolmanisth explores meaning and truth through a metaphysical approach that, through the thoughtful curation of objects, placement, movement and relativity, weaves together abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, identity, time and space.


Together the artists have created an expansive installation that is paradoxically meta and non-meta creating shifting meaning and truth derived from the whole, the individual components, and their autonomous practices.

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